Marijuana industry explodes, but complications abound

As marijuana matures from a fledgling industry into serious business, problems mount for a field challenged by complex regulations and an uncertain future.

The culture around cannabis is changing — so are perceptions

American support of cannabis is on the rise, as more money, increased exposure and smarter advocacy transforms public opinion around the drug.

Without banks, marijuana businesses amass stacks of cash

Federal restrictions have made reliable banking nearly impossible for marijuana businesses, leading them to rely on safes and armed guards as they await reform.

Growing marijuana industry grapples with labor dilemmas

As the marijuana industry grows into a multibillion-dollar enterprise, workers and their bosses search for common ground on labor dilemmas. Unions have offered an organized alternative, but not everyone is buying in.

Experts: Minorities struggle in legal cannabis industry

Aspiring marijuana business owners need access to large amounts of both financial and social capital. And experts said that’s proven difficult for everyone, but especially for many minorities to break into the business.