Pro-legalization groups amp up for 2016 measures

Well-funded advocacy groups drive the effort to legalize marijuana nationwide. Proponents have found success by securing financial backing and taking advantage of changing attitudes.

In Montana, medical marijuana debate drags on

Critics say Montana's medical marijuana industry grew beyond its bounds. Now, it could become the first state to shut down legal sales of cannabis, depending on the outcome of the state Supreme Court case.

A lost generation still lobbies in the South

Mired in forgotten statutes, a marijuana movement sweeps through the conservative South. Old political tinder is fueling the new debate.

Tribes wait to jump into weed rush

While Native American tribes can decide whether to legalize marijuana on tribal lands, many are concerned about possible repercussions from the government.

Could Arizona be next to legalize?

Arizona has been targeted as a state that could potentially legalize recreational marijuana in 2016. But problems remain in the state’s medical marijuana system.