With a federal ban on pot, states make the rules — whether they work or not

Every state regulates medical marijuana differently. The result is wide disparities across the country, including everything from lab testing to costs.

Rarely inspected, medical caregivers could feed illegal markets

Medical caregivers in 23 states and Washington D.C. are not inspected or effectively regulated. Many participate legally. Others exploit their privileges.

Resolute and desperate parents demand marijuana treatment for children

An ever-growing lobby of tenacious parents are pushing politicians to legalize medical marijuana for children with epilepsy and other serious conditions.

Marijuana businesses wait as Nevada works through regulations

Although voters approved medical marijuana in a 2000 initiative, Nevada didn’t establish a system to distribute cannabis. When officials did in 2013, they set out to establish stringent rules.

Hawaii’s medical marijuana patients turn to illegal market

Without dispensaries or a legal way to purchase seeds, plants and medical marijuana, the illegal market on the islands thrives. Patients are left hoping for change.